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The album will be called "Post Flag" and the track listing should run as follows:
1. "Reuters" by Tacobonds
2. "Field Day for the Sundays" by Tiala
3. "Three Girl Rhumba" by Cottonioo
4. "Ex Lion Tamer" by Totsuzen Danball
5. "Lowdown" by Groundcover
6. "Start to Move" by Bossston Cruizing Mania
7. "Brazil" by Agolay Culkin
8. "It’s So Obvious" by Worst Taste
9. "Surgeon’s Girl" by Hyacca(百蚊)
10. "Pink Flag" by Yolz In The Sky(ヨルズインザスカイ)
11. "The Commercial" by Electric Coma Trio
12. "Straight Line" by Fluid
13. "106 Beats That" by Harukazedou(春風堂)
14. "Mr. Suit" by And About Hers
15. "Strange" by Panicsmile
16. "Fragile" by Eiko Ishibashi(石橋英子)
17. "Mannequin" by Mir
18. "Different to Me" by Umibachi
19. "Champs" by Her
20. "Feeling Called Love" by Accidents In Too Large Field
21. "1 2 X U" by Saladabar