The Sound Genetic: Jim O'Rourke Mixtapes, 1989

A1 Olivier Messiaen-Liturgie de Cristal From Quartet For The End Of Time
A2 Olivier Messiaen-Louange a l\'eternite de Jesus From Quartet For The End Of Time
A3 Luigi Nono-A Pierre dell \'Azzuro Silencio for Bass Flute & Bass Clarinet with Live Processing
A4 Robert Ashley-Purposeful Lady In Slow Afternoon

B1 Mauricio Kagel-Musi for Lupforchester 1971
B2 Giancinto Scelsi-Pt IV of Quattro Pezzi for Orchestra 1959
B3 Godflesh-Christbait Rising
B4 Godflesh-Pulp
B5 Luc Ferrari-Und So Weiter for Piano & Tape
B6 F.B. Mache-Terre De Feu 1963