Stella Donnelly Japan Tour 2019


あんまり気取ったところの無い人柄だから、終始ファンサービスに徹していて、「Just have a fun」って感じでただただ楽しかった。「Tricks」もあのダンス付きでしっかりと演奏。唯一、セカンドレイプの問題を扱った「Boys Will Be Boys」を歌うときはトーンを変えて、ゆっくりとシリアスにこの曲の持つ意味を説明してから演奏を開始したのが印象深かった。

Boys Will Be Boys is my attempt at making sense of society's tendency to blame the victims of sexual assault and rape and make excuses for the perpetrators. It was also my way of dealing with certain events that were occurring in my life at the time. The video itself was intended to express the burden of victim blaming and sexual assault on the victims themselves as the mundane aspects of life go on. A song is just a song but at the very least I hope it will open up difficult yet important conversations between family members, friends, government bodies, organisations and most importantly, boys and men.


Arrrepentimiento / drawing4-5 / pelepopの主犯。